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Why Choose Pinaca India?

Pinaca India sustains an innovative approach towards decision making, and enhancing the communication in order to substantiate positive and progressive changes in society.The ever expanding horizons in the field, demands updated and forthcoming ideas and concepts for an informed delivery of services, and here at Pinaca India, the team portrays vigour and calibre, characteristic to the workforce.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

For conceiving, designing and managing informed campaigns and policies.

Ingeniously Crafted Programs

Created after extensive research to deliver scalable, reliable and long lasting impact.

Accelerating Positive

Through value added services and implementation strategies.

About Us

Pinaca India provides pragmatic public policy and communication consultancy services to Governments, Civil Administrations, Think Tanks and Civil Society Organizations and Movements. These services encompass organized, structured and ingenious research modules for an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach towards conceiving, creating and managing informed and inspiring campaigns and policies.

Our Services


We provide ingenious communications consultancy, devised to give maximum fillip to the reach and reception of the intended message and purpose, giving your PR the edge that it needs to stand out


Pragmatic research and ingenuity, presents custom-made solutions suiting the socio-economic setting of the target universe, while involving the citizenry in driving the successful execution of the plans drafted.


The umbrella service provides a synergised plan and its effective realization, comprising both conventional and new-age media of engagement with the target audience or public at large.


Pinaca India provides umbrella campaign strategies backed up by rigorous research and understanding to address clientele needs, and a systematic approach to implementation of projects and plans.


We provide web and tech solutions for your organisation, effectively enabling it to move from archaic practices and platforms to the latest new age modus operandi.


Pinaca India provides effective digital marketing solutions, a high touch customer experience and we excel at implementation of desired goals. We offer a diverse spectrum of advanced digital marketing

Our Mission

To add value and innovation to the decision making process, enhancing the overall effectiveness of a solution.

Our Vision

To act as catalysts for sustainable, positive and progressive changes in the society.


Pinaca India Team

We have a small but capable team with diverse backgrounds working together to achieve our shared vision of creating an impact in the policy sector through mission-driven scalable solutions.

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