Sustainable Development Goals Action Awards

For the Sustainable Development Goals Coordination Centre, Department of Planning, Government of Punjab, and UNDP

September, 2020

The team managed the specialAA 2020 organised by the specialCC, Punjab, and UNDP, which was the State’s first-ever initiative to honour individuals, organisations, and groups contributing towards the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Key Initiatives

  • Establishment of a War Room: 300+ nominations received in one week across 5 categories.
  • Website Design and Development, including the integration of nomination form, domain hosting, UX and UI design, and content creation.
  • Social Media Management and Marketing.
September, 2021

The nominations for the second edition of the Awards in September 2021 were also secured by the team. The theme for this year’s awards was centred around Innovation in diverse fields to achieve the specials. The team secured 150 registrations across 5 categories, namely, government, media, private, NGOs, and academia.