Pinaca India

About Pinaca

Pinaca India provides pragmatic public policy and communication consultancy services to Governments, Civil Administrations, Think Tanks, and Civil Society Organizations and Movements. These services encompass organized, structured, and ingenious research modules for an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach towards conceiving, creating, and managing informed and inspiring campaigns and policies.

The company provides relentless support in form of a well-structured plan for deploying all the resources at hand, in order to achieve set targets, keeping well in concern the needs and objectives of the consulting parties. Our experience in the domain of campaign consultancy, coupled with our zest for innovation, makes us ideal for campaign design solutions. Pinaca’s reliable services have implemented the vision of an ideal campaign and outreach programs with satisfied customers and transformed target universes.

Our Team

Consistently endeavoring to be the most prestigious and unique company of its kind, it seeks to address strategic, organizational, operational, and technological issues through its services, eternally with a focus on creating what is best for the client's concern. Our expert team brings practical experience, industry relevant competencies and a range of perspectives to drive change and foster innovation. We are an expanding team of experts with varied skill and experience, strengthened in their engagement to generating impact at scale by delivering high-quality services with transparent intent.