SDG Action Awards

UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals Coordination Centre, Punjab

The UN Sustainable Development Goals intend to build a resilient and just world and their relevance has increased significantly with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Punjab’s first SDG Action Awards were conducted to honour individuals, organizations and groups that have been contributing to these SDGs by uplifting the social and economic structure of the State through concerted efforts at the policy level as well as the grassroots level. Through the recognition of such organizations and sharing of knowledge, more opportunities for collaborative sustainable development could be created and solutions for issues could be implemented.

Our Approach

Given the lack of awareness on the Goals as well as the initiatives undertaken in the social development space, it became the need of the hour to bring such star players to the forefront from whom the entire State could learn. We developed a communications and implementation strategy for the SDGCC, Punjab team to ensure that the goal of awarding deserving candidates could be successfully achieved.

Campaign Overview

  • Setting up of a War Room – The initial nominations phase was handled by a special War Room comprising research personnel and telecallers was set up for identifying, contacting and inviting the best participants in each category to apply for the Awards as part of a rigorous and unbiased process, ensuring quality entries. Total no. of entries received: 300+
  • Website Designing - Our creative team designed and developed a website exclusively for the Awards with hosting, domain, form integration and content creation services. A special Hall of Fame page was also designed to showcase the winners.
  • Social Media Marketing – To promote the Awards, seek nominations and raise awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals, a social media campaign was run by our team for SDGCC, involving maintenance of social media accounts, creation of exclusive literary content including digital design for infographics, videos, gifs, frames and filters.