Crop Residue Management (CRM) Pakhwada

Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Haryana

CRM Pakhwada is a mission level fortnightly celebration, dedicated to various activities to raise awareness among the masses about the ill-effects of crop residue burning and encouraging farmers to adopt environment-friendly alternatives available to them under the CRM scheme. It is organized in the dark zone districts with high cases of stubble burning.

Our Approach

To raise awareness among the masses about the CRM Scheme and to encourage the districts to actively engage in spreading the message and involving the masses in the campaign, the CRM Pakhwada (under the Crop Residue Management Scheme) comprising offline and online events was planned and delivered. In general, various campaigns, events and surveys are undertaken periodically to create public awareness at large regarding the benefits of the policies, new upcoming schemes, and the adverse impacts of non-sustainable farm practises. Till date, the social media interventions have been able to reach about 1.5 million users.

Campaign Overview

  • A special state-wide Gram Sabha on Zero Crop Residue Burning wherein the farmers were encouraged to adopt eco-friendly ways of managing their crop residue and informed about the hazards that burning crop residue poses to not only the environment and human health but also to the soil and crop health.
  • Cleanliness and Plantation Drive and an e-pledge at the end of the sabha.
  • Formation of the Parali Paltan at Block/ District Level to help the Administration in organizing various events, conduct door to door campaigning and to monitor and report the cases of stubble burning happening in the state - approximately 1.25 lakh volunteers engaged.
  • Dhuein Ko Dein Dhobhi Pachchad Mela - Display of CRM Machines and demonstrations to the farmers.
  • Dedicated videos posted on all social media and YouTube about CRM machines such as Rotavator, Shrub Master / Rotary Slasher, Straw Chopper, Reversible M.B. Plough, Mulcher, Super S.M.S and Happy Seeder. The working, functions and benefits of the machines along with their demonstration shown.
  • A Kushti Competition alongside Raginis, Dance Competitions, etc.
  • Painting competitions, essay and slogan writing competitions.
  • Distribution of CRM goodies (badges, stickers, seed pencils, etc.)
  • Nukkad nataks on the theme of Crop Residue Management.
  • Marathons, cycle rallies and demonstrations.