Plastic Ka Time Up

Directorate of Public Relations, Chandigarh

There has always been an excessive use and misuse of plastic and its associated products despite immense awareness of its non-biodegradable properties and the consequent hazardous impact on the environment. In order to have a far-reaching impact, a creative campaign on discarding the use of plastic was launched on behalf of the Directorate of Public Relations, Chandigarh to sensitize the community.

Our Approach

The overarching goal of this campaign was to build awareness among the citizens of Chandigarh on a common issue using relevant themes. Therefore, the key highlight of this campaign was the “Harrows of Plastic” rally.

With Halloween around the corner, a rally was organized at one of the prominent places in the city in collaboration with Government Arts College, Chandigarh, where students dressed as demons of plastic. The Plastic Demon was also paraded on a rickshaw to make the public aware of the ghastly implications of the use of single use plastics.

Campaign Overview

Various initiatives were taken to instill the idea of giving up plastic and utilizing renewable resources for a sustainable future:

  • To encourage the active participation of residents of the UT of Chandigarh towards cleanliness and banning plastic completely, a “Healing Chandigarh Rally” was carried out in Chandigarh in collaboration with the Forest Department.
  • The masses were mobilized and made aware of the rising peril through interactive social media posts and print advertisements.
  • Social media challenges with active celebrity participation and Nukkad Nataks were organized to carry forward the idea and popularize the campaign.